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Sweetest Downfall 5/?

Title: Sweetest Downfall

Author: Neldluva (

Rating: NC17 overall

Length: almost 24,000 words and counting … this chapter = 1641

Pairings: Cloud/Elena, implied past Cloud/Tifa, one-sided Elena/Tseng, past Zack/Cloud, implied Tseng/Rufus (yes, confusing, I know … most of these pairings don’t show up until later, and most are only in passing)

Warnings: explicit heterosexual acts including oral, bondage, whatever other kinky things come into my head; hints of homosexual activity

Summary: Is it really such a bad thing to get involved with someone who was once your enemy? And what if you just can’t let go of your past?

To all previous chapters

Current chapter at my journal!
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