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Looking for RP'ers!

My name is Kate.  I am an experienced role-player, specifically in the role of Elena.  I am looking for new friends, and especially new people to RP with.
Take a look at my information for Elena, such as backstory, personality, and her weaponry.  Feel free to comment with any questions, or just add me on your messenger of choice.
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[Name] Elena Lanister
[Fandom] FF7
[Age] 19
[Hair] Blonde bob-cut
[Eyes] Chocolate brown, large for her face
[Height] 5'0"
[Weight] 100 lbs

[Weapon] Elena is the materia specialist in the Turks, so her primary weapon is materia. Without that, she's pretty much a sitting duck. She does have a small semi-automatic sidearm, though only carries one spare clip of ammunition. It is Turk issue, but from twenty years prior to her hire. See history for an explaination of this particular weapon. Her favorite weapon is something similar to this, though she rarely has occasion to use it and it sits in the ShinRa armory. She is an amazing shot with both. See history for further explaination of her fascination with firearms.

[Other] Elena makes assumptions about people. Quickly. And will act on them. Also, she's not so good at putting together pieces to form the bigger picture. As in she could walk into an apartment that smelled of cigarette smoke, see the ashtray on the table, and still be surprised when the person that lives there pulls out a pack and lights up. Things need to be explained to her very thoroughly for her to understand.

[Personality] Elena has always taken it on herself to arrange for the health and welfare of her sempais, even if they don't need it and even resent it. She is the most sociable of all the Turks, and will take on a maternal role if given the chance. She is happiest giving her free time and energy to make sure that everyone is taken care of and following procedure. Highly cooperative, she is skilled in maintaining teamwork among the Turks, and is also tireless in her attention to most details, though paying attention and being GOOD AT are two very, very different things.

She is extremely sensitive to the feelings of those she cares about, and what she perceives to be their feelings even if her perception is inaccurate. This leaves her rather self-conscious, that is, highly sensitive to what others think of her; especially Tseng and Reno. Because of this, she can be crushed by personal criticism, or even things that could be taken as criticism, even if they weren't intended that way. She needs ample appreciation both for herself personally and for the service she gives to others. This is not to say that she is afraid to express her own emotional reactions, quite the opposite. She is quick to like and dislike--and doesn't mind saying so--tending to put on a pedestal whatever or whoever she admires, and to come down hard on those people and issues she doesn't care for.

She has a pleasant, outgoing personality, and is visibly-and honestly-concerned with her friends' welfare, This same characteristic causes her to be good in many people-to-people assignments. As a Turk, she is able to approach others with ease and confidence, and seemingly aware of what everyone's been doing, making her better for espionage and reconnaissance missions than fights. Her only problem is that she talks a bit overly much and can blow her cover in that vein.

She never causes problems amongst the Turks; on the contrary, she is unmatched in her devotion to ShinRa, and shows amazing personal loyalty to her sempais (even though she'd never admit the loyalty she has to Reno).

The most important thing about Elena is that, despite how bloody her past was and her current job is, she has not become jaded by either. She is of the world, but not soiled by it. No matter how much blood covers her hands, she's still ready to wipe them off and give her friends a great big smile. As long as she doesn't think about the bad things that she's done as a Turk, she doesn't feel any remorse for it. It's her job, she does it to the best of her ability, and she takes pride in it. And if that means taking pride in having put a bullet in someone's skull, then she takes pride in having put it there in exactly one shot. The problem arises when she =does= stop and think about it. That can leave her paralyzed as she has to sort through each and every moral qualm from her father's death onwards (See History). Hence, she much prefers to wipe her hands, bottle things away, and distract herself. She knows that getting caught up in her past can be a problem, both for her own mental stability, and for those around her if it happens at an inopportune time, so she is frightened of being confronted by it.

She loves to make new friends, though her personality makes this somewhat difficult, because she is quick to judge someone. Not necessarily in the negative sense, but she takes the idea of 'first impressions' to an unhealthy extreme. And when reality finally catches up and she has to re-evaluate her idea of someone, it swings violently. Where a normal person would lose a minor amount of respect for someone previously respected and liked after a given situation, Elena jumps from one pole to the other. She would lose all respect for someone and switch to hating them entirely. And it would swing back and forth with each encounter with them until it finally stabilized.

She can be quite immature at times, her judgmental mentality is just one example of that. But overall, she's an average, cheerful young woman.

Her motivation comes from wanting to impress Tseng. She does not understand why he gave her the chance to join the Turks, and wants to make sure he never regrets it (See History). She knows that he is a stickler for formalities and paperwork, so she attempts to do the same. Many times, however, this has made for all-nighters and a cranky disposition in the morning. She tries not to let that show.

Her biggest fears are of losing her friends, or letting them down. Also, she is afraid to be alone. Not in the sense that it's normal to be alone, but the thought of not -having- friends makes her somewhat weak. Hence she's never told Reno to his face that calling her rookie hurts so much.

[History]  Elena's history was written before BC came out. Not BC compatible.

Elena's father was an executive at ShinRa company, with just enough power and prestige that nobody questioned how his wife and elder daughter would constantly "fall down the stairs" or "walk into the door frame". Read that he was abusive. And a drunk to boot. Thankfully, he never beat Elena, though not out of any sort of mercy. Elena was small as a child, and one hit to her tiny body could have killed her. He could cover bruises and abuse, but even drunk he knew the consequences of murder.

Elena's elder sister, Rosalind, was killed when she was ten. Her father had pushed her down the stairs, and she struck her head. With only one child left to look after, Elena's mother took her and fled to the slums to hide. Elena was seven. Shortly before her eigth birthday, her father tracked them down. Their having left had snapped the restraints he'd put on himself, he was no longer afraid of the penalty of killing them. He murdered her mother, but when he turned for Elena, the wide eyed child had the gun he'd set down before beating her mother. She shot him at point blank range. From then on, she was alone, save her father's gun. It was her constant companion, even though she was out of ammunition for it. It was the beginning of her love of weaponry. By nine, she had learned to steal, and she was quite good at it. By thirteen, she had learned the art of breaking into medical supply warehouses and reselling drugs on the black market. Her street name was "Angelfingers".

And then she got caught. Not by the police, thankfully, or her tale would end in prison. But by Tseng, the leader of the Turks. He saw potential in the then seventeen year old girl, and gave her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, loaded though it was. Join the Turks, or stay put while he called the authorities. She chose to join the Turks. It still occasionally boggles her mind that the choice was even given, and is part of the reason she's so fiercely loyal to him and to ShinRa.

She went through one year of intensive Turk training, and when Reno was injured in the battle with AVALANCHE during the Plate Incident, she was given her promotion from junior Turk to Turk. This was perhaps a bit premature, as she's still not as capable as her sempais. Though this could also be from lack of experience. She continues to learn and grow every day, showing that it's not a lack of competence or intelligence, more a lack of training and/or experience.

Reno heckled her constantly once he was recovered and he realized he'd already been 'replaced'. While most of that died down after they had a chance to get used to each other, and he even rescued her when she was kidnapped in Wutai, he still calls her 'rookie' and it hurts her every time he says it.
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