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Two Fics

I know this community is quiet, but here's to hoping that we can wake it up a bit, right? :D

Title: Shutter Clicks
Author: Chauni
Fandom: FF7
Characters: Elena, Reno
Warnings: Mentions of violence and death, no pairings
Word Count: 1022
Author’s Notes: This piece did not want to cooperate! I swear! I tried so many times to make it one long fic, but it didn’t want to work in such a pattern so I broke it up into four small photographic pieces. Stubborn thing.
This is for all my friends at apurgatorium, along with rufustehshinra and celes_grant and dickable. ♥

Shutter Clicks

Title: The Price of Respect
Author: Chauni
Fandom: FF7
Characters: Elena, Hojo, mentions of the Turks and Rufus
Warnings: None
Word Count: 924
Author’s Notes: For peacefulchaos.

The Price of Respect
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